About us

Victrix is a leading multi-family office solutions company specialized in wealth, career and image management for its unique multicultural clientele. With headquarters in Zurich and representative offices in Dubai and São Paulo, we are proud to have true solutions, objectively chosen for the interest of our customers. We manage high performance athletes worldwide. We have extensive experience in promoting athletes so that there is market appreciation thus allowing a transfer to more demanding markets. We select athletes for specific markets whose technical, physical, psychological and behavioral characteristics best fit.


While you care about playing, Victrix cares about planning.

Career management means making a series of decisions, targeting the professional future with a focus on preparing properly for the goals you aim to achieve. The professional who manages his career takes on new challenges and seeks to develop new skills in line with his focus. With the market becoming increasingly competitive the profile of the professional wanted by the market is someone creative, motivated, proactive, and able to create strategies to overcome challenges and turn the misfortunes into opportunities. A career is a process that takes time to establish itself.

Seven steps to a successful management:

1. Set Goals

2. Self-knowledge

3. Dreams x Reality

4. Market Update

5. Networking

6. Marketing

7. Focus and Persistence



Image Management is creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and affordable personal and/or professional Image which increases your confidence, credibility, capability, and productivity while contributing to continuing success. We are specialized in image valuation. We negotiate everything involving commercial partnerships and image rights so our athletes can extract the maximum out of their careers.




We are committed to assist our clients not only in allowing them to protect, preserve and grow their assets, but also to create within themselves a healthy financial culture, based on knowledge and experience we transmit them with time. Our vision is to lead the market with innovative solutions, clear solutions, objective vision and a particular taste to emerging markets. We pride ourselves on our unique multicultural profile, able to understand the client and institution’s culture, and get the best solutions, whose interest will always be our first priority. Our focus is maintained specifically on the following areas:


Portfolio Management: Careful analysis of the client's profile. Selection of the most suitable investments, according to the clients profile. Monitoring and constantly adapting the portfolio to the market's evolutions.

Banking & Custody

Asset Management

Investment Strategy



On top of these areas, our clientele regularly needs complementary solutions, related and dependent on our core business areas. Therefore, we maintain a close network of related service providers that we trust and we vouch on their services quality.