Victrix concludes transfer of Hyoran to Palmeiras

Source: Globo Esporte


Palmeiras hired Chaporense's midfielder Hyoran for this season. Revealed by the club from Santa Catarina, the 23-year-old has reached an agreement to be released to Palmeiras at the end of the Brasileirao - his contract was until May 2017. The transaction amounts are kept confidential.

The negotiation is already agreed, but will be confirmed officially by the clubs only in the coming weeks (Palmeiras is in the middle of the national title dispute, while Chapecoense is in the semifinals of the South American Cup).

"He caught the news by surprise, I talked to his manager, who is from São Paulo, if he had agreed something and said he had not yet. No news for now. The conversation we have had for some time, but nothing is right - said Sandro Pallaoro, president of Chapecoense, by phone.

The club from Santa Catarina has 50% of Hyoran's economic rights. The rest is divided between athlete, agents and investors.

The negotiation extends since August this year. Palmeiras's first offers did not please Chapecoense's management, who also heard soundings from European clubs. The residents of Santa Catarina studied the renovation of Hyoran for some time.

The midfielder is the third reinforcer with whom Palmeiras hires for 2017.